Flowers with Medicinal Properties

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Flowers with Medicinal Properties

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cardinal flower – USDA Plants

Uses. Ethnobotanic: The Iroquois had many medicinal uses for cardinal flower.
The root was boiled together with the root of Cichorium intybus and the liquid was
used to treat fever sores. The mashed roots, stems, leaves, and blossoms were
made into a decoction and drank for cramps. The plant was also used as an.

Plant Guide – USDA PLANTS

Jan 29, 2003 Uses. Ethnobotanic: Vinegarweed is a medicinal herb that was highly valued by
the Salinan, Ohlone, Miwok, and many other California Indian tribes who
continue to use it today. In the past, the herb was so important that the Salinan
used vinegarweed as “money” in trade with the Yokuts and other …

eastern purple coneflower – USDA Plants

Alternative Names echinacea, snakeroot, Kansas snakeroot, narrow- leaved
purple coneflower, scurvy root, Indian head, comb flower, black susans, and
hedge hog. Uses. Ethnobotanic: Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) was
and still is a widely used medicinal plant of the Plains Indians. It was used as a

Toyon: Edible berries. Leaves and bark used as medicine

Soaproot: Medicinal uses, glue, material for brushes, bulb used fresh to stun fish,
roasted for food. 10 n a .L e in t in .._…_. w .m. in. S n .m m e. R. A de the park
unless you have obta. 11151. Note: Plants within California State Parks are
protected. Do not harvest plants or plant parts an earthly paradise where native …

Wildflowers of North Dakota and their Medicinal Uses, Part 2

and their. Medicinal Uses. Part II. “Helping People Help the Land”. Blanketflower.
Gaillardia aristata. Blanketflower commonly named gaillardia blooms from. June
through August. The true native plants have yellow petals. Native. Americans
used plant roots to make an eyewash, and a poultice was applied to skin

Medicinal plants of South Africa – Department of Agriculture, Forestry …

Medicinal plants are plants which are used in herbalism and thought to have
certain extractable/compound in their leaves, stems, flowers and fruit for
medicinal purposes. These extracts are used as inputs in the pharmaceutical,
nutraceutical, insecticide and other chemical industries. The booklet is a guide to
the most …

Prairie Wildflowers of Prophetstown State Park –

Flowers late spring to early fall; each rounded flower head is made up of
individual flower tubes with protruding stamens. This member of the mint family
grows up to 5' tall and has oppositely paired, toothed leaves that rotate 90o along
the stem. This plant had many medicinal uses for different Native American

Prairie Smoke

Jun 20, 2014 flower heads. Uses. Historically the species was seen as a remedy for a wide
variety of medicinal purposes. Today, prairie smoke is a favorite of pollinators,
predominantly visited by bumblebees. The nectar is an ideal attractant for the
bees who cross-pollinate the flowers as they frequent different plants.

Native Plants of the Northern Chihuahuan Desert – National Park …

Although the desert may seem an empty wasteland at first glance, a closer look
will quickly dispel that illusion, as many things grow in the desert soil. In fact,
many of the native plants that thrive in the arid landscape of White. Sands have
long been used by Native Americans for a variety of purposes. Hoary Rosemary

Traditional Uses of Wild Plants in the East … – Bernalillo County

1. Traditional Uses of Wild. Plants in the East Mountains. A mini-guide to
traditional use of wild plants as food and medicine near. Ojito de San Antonio.
Bernalillo County Open Space. Text and photographs by Master Naturalist Becky
Schnelker …

Plants and People in Mooro Country – City of Joondalup

as spears and shields, to build shelters, for medicinal purposes, and for food.
Probably the most important of these uses was food. In Mooro Country, the
abundance and diversity of plant species ensured that local Nyungar people
utilised a substantial number of plants for a variety of purposes. The flowers,
stems, leaves …

Soopolallie (Shepherdia canadensis) Other names: Soapberry …

Other BC plants in this family include the wolf-willow and the naturalized Russian
olive. The name. 'soopolallie' is from the Chinook language for soap (soop) and
berry … Medicine. Soopolallie was also known for its medicinal properties. The
berries have been used to treat the flu and indigestion, and as a tea, for relieving

Great Blue Lobelia –

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Great Blue Lobelia. (Lobelia siphilitica) is a tall,
showy, perennial wildflower of the bellflower family (Campanulaceae) that grows
in moist to wet open sites with circumneutral soils. Plants are stout and erect, up
to 1.5 m (~ 5 ft.) in height. The sessile leaves, arranged alternately, are generally

Wiradjuri Plant Use – Archive Local Land Services

The food, fibre, medicine, shelter, ceremonial and other uses of each plant is
wide and varied. Each plant may have been prepared in different ways by
different. Wirdjuri people. The Murrumbidgee CMA does not recommend these
plants for food, medicinal and other uses and offers no recommendation as to the
preparation …

Landscaping for Water Quality – Garden Designs … – State of Michigan

Delicate 1” star-shaped flower; great ground cover in shade garden. Beautiful
foliage; great addition to shade gardens; mass for groundcover. Shiny foliage;
fragrant flowers; great planted close together as groundcover. Medicinal
properties. Gorgeous perennial; attracts butterflies; does well in shallow water.
Yellow Med- …

Diversity, Distribution, Indigenous Uses and Conservation of the …

ABSTRACT Indian Himalayan Region is very well known for the medicinal plant
wealth. The representative, natural and unique medicinal plants are used for
curing various diseases/ailments including cancer and income generation. In
view of high value of the medicinal plants of IHR, an attempt has been made to; …

DrugFacts Marijuana 2014

flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa … substance (
having no medicinal uses and high risk for abuse), two states … medical
conditions (see “Is Marijuana. Medicine?”, below). How Is Marijuana Used?
Marijuana is usually smoked in hand-‐ rolled cigarettes (joints) or in pipes or
water pipes (bongs).

Native Plants for Southeast Virginia – Virginia DEQ

benefits, and to increase the availability of these native plants in retail centers
throughout the region. First Edition 10/2016 … to all the wonderful photographers
who shared their talent to help highlight the beauty of Southeast Virginia nafive
plants! Butterfly Society of Virginia …… medicinal applicafions. 8 in.–1.5 ft. Solitary